Swimming can be relaxing or competitive, solitary or group-oriented — but it should always be enjoyable and safe! At Windy City, we provide support and lessons for every swimmer, regardless of age or ability. We have the perfect courses to fit you or your family’s needs.



Swimmer 1

Beginners will become comfort able jumping into water with and without a Personal Flotation Device. They’ll learn to open their eyes, exhale and hold their breath underwater. They’ll work on floats, glides and kicking through the water on their front and back.

Swimmer 2

These advanced beginners will jump into deeper water, and learn to be comfortable falling sideways into the water wearing a Personal Flotation Device. They’ll be able to support themselves at the surface without an aid, learn whip kick, swim 10-15m on their front and back, and be introduced to flutter kick interval training.


Preschoolers will have fun learning to get in and out of the water. We’ll help them jump into chest deep water. They’ll try floats on their front and back, and glides on their back while wearing a Personal Flotation Device. They’ll learn to get their face wet and blow bubbles underwater.

Parent & Tot

Designed for the 4 to 12 months old to learn to enjoy the water with the parent. Through structured in-water interaction between parent and child, this program stresses the importance of developing water-positive attitudes and skills. With the assistance of their parent, tots practice entries and exits, floats, wearing Personal Flotation Devices and kicking.

Strong Swimmer

These advanced swimmers will rise to the challenge of sophisticated aquatic skills including stride entries, compact jumps and lifesaving kicks like eggbeater and scissor kick. They’ll develop strength and power in head-up breaststroke sprints over 25m. They’ll easily swim lengths of front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke, and they’ll complain about the 300m workout.

Fitness Swimmer

No matter what your age, Fitness Swimmer helps improve your overall physical fitness. Fitness Swimmer is a structured approach based on accepted training principles and practices including interval training, sprints and distance swims. The candidates will participate in setting their own goals, design workouts and learn to use pace clocks and timers to reach their target zone.


Lifesaving Club

Learn to save lives while getting physically fit with lifesaving – a competitive sport recently established by the American Lifesaving Society. Throughout the year, Lifesaving Society (LSS) coaches train swimmers in 5 individual lifesaving events including an obstacle swim, tow with fins, lifesaving medley, throwing accuracy, and object support; and 2 team events, the obstacle relay and medley relay. Emphasis is placed on improving the overall fitness of young athletes, including strength, power, endurance, and promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, achieving personal bests and having fun.


Your search for a fitness club with lots of variety and activity ends here. We’d love for you to see what we have to offer.